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Melrose Community Power is a municipal aggregation program operated by the City of Melrose. With Melrose Community Power, National Grid continues to deliver electricity and manage all electricity billing. The only change is the source and cost of electricity supply, chosen by the City of Melrose through a competitive bidding process. Check your bill to determine if you are enrolled in Melrose Community Power.

The City has renamed Melrose Community Electricity Aggregation (Melrose CEA) as
Melrose Community Power or MCP!

Program Offerings

Melrose Community Power has a standard product, called Local Green, which has more renewable energy than required by state law. Participants in the program receive Local Green unless they affirmatively choose one of our optional products. Learn more, including how to switch your choice.

Melrose Community Power pricing will remain fixed and in effect from June 2019 through November  2021. 

National Grid Basic Service Rates: 12.388 ¢/kWh for Residential & 10.763¢/kWh for Commercial November 2020 through April 2021 and 11.325 ¢/kWh for Industrial August through November 2020 to January 2021. Savings cannot be guaranteed.1

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Goals of Melrose Community Power (MCP)

Competitive Pricing

MCP will procure electricity supply contracts when the market is favorable. Combined with the bulk buying power of thousands of households and businesses in the program, MCP will aim to produce savings for customers compared to National Grid’s Basic Service rates, however, savings cannot be guaranteed.1

Local Renewable Energy

MCP’s standard product includes 5% more local renewable energy, known as Massachusetts Class I, than required by the State. If you choose, MCP also offers a 100% renewable energy product. Learn more about our renewable energy products.

Price Stability

MCP will contract for a multi-year, fixed price contract. In contrast, National Grid Basic Service rates change every six months for Residential and Small Commercial customers, and every three months for Large Business customers.2

No Obligation

Participants in Melrose Community Power may leave the program at any time without penalty.

How to Participate in Melrose Community Power

If you are not already participating in Melrose Community Power, you can enroll in any of the available products at any time by completing the enrollment form. New electricity accounts opened in Melrose will receive a mailer that triggers automatic enrollment in the program, however it may take a few billing cycles or more. To speed up that enrollment, you can fill out the form.

If you already have a competitive electricity supplier (that is not National Grid Basic Service), then you may join Melrose Community Power when your existing contract ends. If you are thinking about terminating your existing competitive electricity supply contract, before you make a decision, be sure to find out if there are penalties or fees for early termination. 

Questions & Support

To manage Melrose Community Power, the City partners with an aggregation consultant, Good Energy L.P. For questions and support, you may contact a Good Energy representative at 888-228-8238.

1Savings compared to National Grid Basic Service cannot be guaranteed because Basic Service prices change every six months for residential and commercial customers and every three months for industrial customers.

2 Melrose Community Power rates may be above or below the Basic Service rate in any given period.