Leaving the Melrose Community Power Program

If you do not wish to participate in the Melrose Community Power program, please complete the secure online form below.

This form is only for leaving the Melrose Community Power program. If you were looking to change your product choice within the program, please use the form instead here.

Because switching suppliers requires at least two days to process by your utility, you are encouraged to opt out of the program at least seven (7) business days prior to the meter read date indicated on your utility bill in order to ensure your return to National Grid Basic Service occurs on a timely basis.

There are no penalties or fees associated with opting out. Once you have opted out, your supply will revert back to National Grid Basic Service on the next available meter read date for your account.

Please note, if you are a residential or commercial account holder, you may re-enroll in the program at a later date with no associated re-enrollment fees, but are not guaranteed the original program rate.  Your choice will be reflected on the account holder’s utility bill on the next available billing cycle. 

Located in the Enrollment Information section in the left hand column of your National Grid bill (usually the first four letters of the last name associated with the residential account). The code is unlabeled but is listed in capital letters after the Cycle.

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